Margie is hands down one of the most inspirational people I know. She's a knowledge seeker and is able to effortlessly integrate and share learnings she acquires from conferences, thought leaders, and her own daily practices. Her personal challenges and experiences are so relatable, and she's paved a path of following her joy. I have been inspired by her journey and that energy is contagious! 
2018 was a big year of transformation and change for me, and I'm so grateful for Margie's guidance and support as she helped me let go of stress and (made up) stories I continued to repeat to myself. She encouraged me to be my true self, and reminded me that I am worthy of living a life I love. Through observing her personal choices, I've contemplated my own stance on ethical food choices and consumption, and have acquired lots of healthy tips along the way. I'm forever grateful that our paths crossed in Sydney, Melbourne, and Bali, and even though I've relocated back to the USA, she continues to help and inspire me from afar. Thank you, Margie!

- Natalie P.

Nicole Macdonald