How to create a new reality using your thoughts

How to create a new reality using your thoughts - Margie's Hi-Vibe Life

Whether we realise it or not, we create our own realities. Everything that we perceive in physical form is a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs that are habitual in nature to us. The exhilarating thing is that if you can think something, you can have it. You get to choose the reality that you experience!

This doesn’t mean that things we wish for will fall from the sky into our laps (if only!). However the empowering process of manifestation is something that we all have the ability to learn! By simply visualising what we want to create, setting a clear intention, nurturing belief and trust that life is always conspiring in your favour (even when it seems the exact opposite is true), you’ll start to see shifts in your life and your dreams come to fruition. This is known as universal co-creation.

We know that the way we think influences the way we experience life. Frame things positively and it influences our subjective perception of the world, helping us make the best of situations. Manifestation goes beyond the notion of positive thinking. We create our reality from our thoughts. Change your mind and you change your world!

How to create a new reality using your thoughts - Margie's Hi-Vibe Life

Everything is energy – including you and your thoughts

Let’s take a step back from a minute. Everything is this world is energy. Even what we believe to be matter is energy. The phone, tablet or computer that you’re reading on now, the chair your sitting on, the bed you slept in last night – they’re all energy. To us they appear to be solid matter but quantum science has established that when you zoom in and break down any object, it’s actually 99.9999999% energy and 0.0000001% matter.

The same goes for us humans. We think of ourselves as this bag of skin, organs, blood and bones. However, the human body is comprised of the same 99.9999999% energy.  We’re beings of pure energy, vibrating so rapidly that we appear solid.

Not only are our bodies almost pure energy, but so too, are our thoughts. When you direct your thoughts with conscious intent, you have the power to transmute other waves of energy into matter. Whatever you are seeing in your life is the vibration of the thoughts that you are offering.

Every thought you have sends out a wave of energy, which has a frequency that attracts like energy on the same frequency. It therefore makes sense to broadcast thoughts of the things you want to attract back. Think of tuning into a radio station. If you want to listen to FM 98.1, then you need to tune your radio into that frequency, not 102.5. To attract something specific, you need to broadcast an energy that matches the thing you want to attract.

Ever been in a productive meeting when someone in a bad mood walks in? Wtf happens? The entire mood of the room crashes! Now that person may just be having a bad day, but their energy has an immediate impact on everyone else around them. Conversely, think of someone you know who has charisma. Why is it that when that person walks into a party they are quickly surrounded by others who are inexplicably drawn to them? It’s the vibe they give off that draws people towards them.

The power of creative visualisation

Here’s a visualisation exercise that I’d like you to try: In front of you is a bowl of lemons. You reach out and select a ripe yellow lemon. You feel the weight of the lemon in your hand, you slide your fingers over the smooth waxy skin, feel the dimpled texture. You lift the lemon to your face and breathe in that lemony fragrance. Then you slice the lemon open. As the bright yellow flesh is exposed you see the juice run out, a lovely lemony citrus aroma fills the room. You cut a slice and put it in your mouth. You bite down on it and the juice runs over your tongue. Your mouth fills with the taste of lemon juice...

Did you start to salivate? Most of us are aware that thoughts affect our body to some degree but this helps to reinforce that simple visualisation affects our physiology.

Turning thoughts into things

So how do we use our thoughts and visualisation to take an idea and turning it into an experience, a job, a relationship, a physical object? Something that we can see, hear, taste, touch or smell.

Your thoughts plant the seeds for everything that comes into your life. We create what we think about. This means we either get the things that result from of our unconscious, habitual – often negative – thinking. Or we can intentionally choose thoughts that lead to manifesting our deepest desires.

“Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Choose yours wisely.” Dr Joe Dispenza.

Please bear in mind that not all thoughts are equal. Fleeting, momentary thoughts don’t hold the same power as your habitual thoughts and beliefs. The problem, according to Dr Joe Dispenza (scientist, teacher, lecturer, author and an absolute master on this topic), is that 95% of the thoughts that we think today are the same as the ones we had yesterday. If thoughts create our reality and today’s thoughts are largely the same yesterday’s, then we’re literally creating our future from our past. And from that state, it’s pretty hard to create any kind of change. 

Focus your attention on what you want, not what you don’t want!

We tend to spend way too much time dwelling on things we don’t want. Ever had a conflict with a friend or work colleague? You get home and re-hash the conversations over and over. In your mind you envisage the worse-case scenario of how the scene is going to play out and you can actually feel your emotional response to the scene – anger, upset, defensiveness. You know what happens right? It ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s more conducive to visualise the positive resolution that you’re hoping for. Imagine it, not only the words you’ll express, more importantly imagine the positive emotional feeling that will be created from the exchange. This is not unlike the way an athlete visualises a victory prior to walking onto the track. The race can be won or lost his or her mind before the gun has sounded.

Your emotional state is the key to turning thoughts into reality. Emotion is simply energy in motion and what I’ve learned from doing Dr Joe’s work is this: while your thoughts broadcast the signal to the field, your emotions are the magnet that draw the experiences back to you. Elevated, positive emotions, such as love, joy, happiness and most of all gratitude put us into a state of receivership to receive good things. Unfortunately most of us are living in a constant state of low-grade stress which lowers our vibration and causes resistance to the very things that we want.

In a nutshell, constructive thoughts plus elevated emotions equals manifesting the life of your dreams.

Self-limiting beliefs will throw a spanner in the works

When you start to practice this you’ll likely find that you’ll be able to manifest some things easier than others. This is because you don’t have any limiting beliefs around having certain things in your life. These are the things that flow easily to you

Others will be more challenging because you may have self-limiting beliefs that deeply ingrained sub conscious level around things such as love, abundance or health. This beliefs sound like ‘I’m not worthy of love’ or ‘I don’t deserve to be wealthy’, ‘being overweight is in my family’ – we all have limiting beliefs of some kind.

Our self-limiting beliefs are born out of our habitual thoughts which is why it’s so important to develop awareness of our negative thoughts and replace them with new, constructive ones.

We’ve also been conditioned to believe that we need to work and strive hard to get the things we desire in life. And while taking action IS important, it’s actually precipitated by our thoughts and beliefs because they determine our habitual behaviours and the type of actions we take. 

How to create a new reality using your thoughts - Margie's Hi-Vibe Life

Be present, let go of expectations and get practicing!

Learn to keep your awareness in firmly planted in the present moment. This is where all creativity takes place. When you are ruminating about past events or worried about the future, you are not in a creative state.

Let go of what you think things are meant to look like and how outcomes are supposed to happen. Sometimes the life doesn’t give you what you want exactly as you want it. Rather, it gives you what you need so that you can learn the lessons you need to grow. Breed in yourself a trust that the universe has your back and believe that people, things and events all conspiring in your favour, not against you.

The thing is, it’s not enough to intellectualise about these concepts and hope for change to happen. It was only when I started actively practicing deliberate and conscious creation that I got to experience first-hand how this sh*t really works! From small things like key rings and t-shirts to sofas and coaches. Even refinancing my home loan without a job! Acts of serendipity started to take place, offering confirmation that co-creation works!

Whether it be our health, relationships, finances, career or any other aspect of our lives, we have to power to shape our thoughts and manifest any outcome we desire.

I know from first-hand experience that putting this all into practice can be challenging so here are some tips to get you on the right track.

5 tips to becoming a manifestation maestro

  1. Meditation is the best thing I’ve learnt to bring you into the present moment, help you become aware of your thoughts and limiting beliefs and change your emotional state. A daily practice will also get you more tuned into your feelings and bodily sensations. These are clues from the universe, which is always looking to connect you with people, objects, opportunities and experiences that will bring you closer to the things you desire. It does this in the form of impulses that lead you to take action. As you learn to trust these impulses (or intuition) you’ll become adept you’ll become at manifesting. Read Meditation 101 to learn how to get started with a basic practice.

  2. Change your thoughts and you change your energy. Then the world around you slowly and surely starts to change as well. No matter how much debt you’re in, how much stress you’re under, how sick or broken your body feels or how much resentment is undermining the free flow of love and appreciation in your relationships, understand that the reversal of all these states begins in the subtle realm of the mind. Not at the level of action, but at the level of thought. So make a commitment to more actively and deliberately choose your thoughts. Start by choosing one area of your life that you want to focus on first and take it step by step.

  3. Practice gratitude for what you have now and more importantly for the things that are not yet showing up in your life. Make time for, and prioritise doing the things you love and put you into a positive emotional state. Find ways to manage your stress. It’s a vibration killer!

  4. Eat more plants. Food also has a vibration and has the ability to raise or lower yours. Consuming animal and dairy products essentially means you are consuming the low vibrations that come with it. So where possible, eat clean plant-based whole foods. These foods help us reach higher states of consciousness and better connect with source energy.

  5. Invest in the power of your mind by reading books, watching films and attending seminars that will teach you about this subject. There are so many amazing conscious teachers out there today and all you have to do is find the one(s) that resonate with you. Two teachers I love to learn from are Dr Joe Dispenza and Abraham Hicks. Great films on the topic include What the Bleep Do We Know, Peaceful Warrior, The Matrix (did you know this is film is really a doco 😉)

If reading this has sparked your interest and you’d like to learn more, download a copy of my free e-Book, Ignite your happiness is Just 21 days to start implementing the daily rituals that will get living your most vibrant life. I also work one-on-one with people to create the life that they dream of. Feel free to flick me an email if you’d like to chat about how I can help you.

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